Red Saunders is a professional photographer who combines his photographic practice with cultural,artistic, musical, and political activism.

Photographic apprentice at G.S.Royds and S.H.Bensons Ad agencies and Gilchrist Studios in Central London. Further education in photography at Central London Polytechnic. Later that year at Photo de Seine studio in Paris, France an affilieate of G.S.Royds.

Photographic Assistant to Jimmy Wormser and Lou Long, two New York advertising photogs based in west London.

First ever-overseas assignment for the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, visited Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt during the 67 wars. Joined GM studios in London's west end.

Started working with the new Sunday Times colour Supplement.

Started working regularly with Design Advertising and Editorial clients, in UK, Europe and for the first time the USA. Six-year collaboration with Art directors at Pan and Fontana Books. Production of mini epic low budget book covers, typical request 'hi Red ....I want a cover of a slave girl running from a burning Rome, I've got 00, what do you reckon?' to which I would reply 'day or night" a great studio work learning curve. Late 70's Offered exclusive retainer with Sunday Times Magazine. General commercial Work, book jackets, record sleeves, ads, point of sale, food still life's, tabletop, portraits. Landscape, the continued learning curves.

Commissioned to shoot front covers for Time Out magazine great conceptual work With very tight deadlines. Started to get commissioned from New York art directors working all over the USA for Rolling Stone, GQ, Time. Life, and Conde Nast magazines.

Co Edited a day in the life of London, 24hrs in the life of Ireland, Ireland a day in the life of a Nation. Photo books events that bought 100 photographers from all over the world to the chosen location for 24hrs to make a record of that day and publish a book. Began long collaboration with leading European physical theatre group Theatre de complicate' working on all types of press and print work.

Set up Short Circuit Films produce and direct 'The End' short film acquired by Channel Four for TV transmit ion. Develop pilot film with British Film Institute 'Pick up two four' work on corporate videos alongside stills shoots.

Moved to new Studio in Old Chapel in Stoke Newington, N London.

1988- 90
Was a year of conversion and building the new studio to my own spec — A much bigger Studio with high roof, grid system, better facilities and the installation of 3 phase electricity meant we could shoot with larger Tungsten film lighting as I was now shooting film as well. The new studio enabled us to shoot much more elaborate, adventurous images in our own studio, without having to hire larger studios with all the cost and hassle that that involved.

Co-directed 'The Gift' a six part 'psychic thriller' for Red Rooster films foe BBC Wales. Directed 'White Girls on Dope' arts drama for Channel Four. Directed a series of Brand ads for Channel four, won Silver pencil at London Design and Art Directors awards. 1993- Arson attack destroys our new studio Four Walls, Life's artwork lost in fire... Three-year hiatus

Join Phoenix films as commercials director clients such as Ribena, Safeways, Lillywhites, Sony, Nintendo, and Sure cosmetics. Directing thru Vogelsander films in Dilsseldorf working in Germany and Los Angeles. Developing independent projects at this time as well.

Slowly restarted photography post the fire. With an emphasis on more personal work. With projects on British forts in N Ireland and Launderettes in Hackney N London. Small photo commission from Blueprint architectural magazine looking at the .health service. 2000- Solo Photo exhibition 'Nearby' personal work at Pentagram gallery W. London

Purchased my first Mac computer And digital Canon camera to start learning the digital imaging world. It's a long process...

My first major post fire photographic commissions, from Domus the Italian art and design magazine based in Milan. Many commissions over six years for architecture and social landscape, here in the UK and travelling to USA, Russia, Germany, Swiss land, Austria, Kazakhstan, China and Hong Kong. Always shooting on my favourite 5x4 large format camera in colour negative.

Representation by Scout Gallery in Hoxton E London. Various exhibitions and Group shows, moving to selling print works.

Start to develop 'Hidden' project.